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Coming From a Place of Yes


Coming From a Place of Yes

This photo reminds me that I need to laugh more and come from a place of ‘yes’ because my natural tendencies are more Type A and controlling! I’ve learned now with three kids that I can’t have everything exactly the way I want them! Things happen, like being spit up on, that I can’t control and I need to be more flexible! Trust me when I say this is much easier said than done but I am working on it!

It really hit me when I started noticing my older daughter adopting a negative attitude about trying new things! She would instantly say she didn’t like something before even trying it. We would convince her to give it a go and low and behold she’d love it! My controlling tendencies and “no” mentality were rubbing of on her and it made me sad! So now I say yes whenever I can and when I want to say no I defer to my husband… he acts as my sound board, either reassuring my desire to say no or helping me realize it’s ok to say yes!

So cheers to a weekend filled with “𝚈𝙴𝚂”!!!

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