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Social Media vs. Reality

Yesterday we attempted our annual holiday photo but it didn’t go how I planned. With daylight savings coming to an end the kids were up at 4 AM and I barely had 3 1/2 hours of sleep; so suffice to say everyone was tired and cranky, including me. About 30 minutes into the session we …


Breast Health For All

A few years back, just before the holidays, I found a lump in my left breast! Thankfully it was only a cyst, but breast cancer runs in my family so the panic and fear I felt were very real! Praying to God that the lump was benign, running through my mind what the holidays would …


A Healthy New Start

In the past my weight and diet have always been something I maintained but for vanity reasons not for the health benefits! During my third pregnancy I was utterly exhausted chasing two other kids around and I used that justification for not exercising or eating properly! I was cranky, had no energy and at times …