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A Healthy New Start


A Healthy New Start

In the past my weight and diet have always been something I maintained but for vanity reasons not for the health benefits! During my third pregnancy I was utterly exhausted chasing two other kids around and I used that justification for not exercising or eating properly! I was cranky, had no energy and at times even mean to my family! Additionally, I had little interest in doing much of anything. I can’t officially say I was suffering from antepardum depression but I can say with certainty that my hormones were truly effecting me in a negative way!

It wasn’t until my daughter, Nicolette, was born that I truly grasped how miserable I had been! I now know how important my health both physically and mentally is not only to me but to my family as well! I knew I needed to make some changes!

So I joined my local @starcycleride and I’m hooked. On the days I don’t go, because it’s so physically exhausting in a great way, I’m staying active by walking/running and light weight lifting at home!

What is your favorite way to stay mentally and/or physically healthy???

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